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The Hamilton Law Association is one of the oldest county and district law associations in the Province. It was created by the hard work and inspiration of Britton Bath Osler with the purpose to support a law library in the Court House, the general interests of the profession, and the good feeling and harmony of its members...

Osler presided at the first meeting of the Association on January 22, 1879 which elected Emilius Irving as President. Members were to pay a fee of $5.00 ( which continued for half a century) and a membership of 60 was established. The members gave books from their personal and modest libraries to create the library in the space allowed by the Municipal Council in the Court House. By the end of the year, the Hamilton Law Association was incorporated and seeking a grant of $432 from the Law Society to assist in building and maintaining a law library.

In addition to private practice, B. B. Osler was a Crown Attorney. He joined his brother Featherstone Osler in Toronto and continued as Counsel in the courts of this Province until the turn of the century. His brother became a Chief Justice and was knighted. Another brother was prominent in finance. A third brother, Sir William Osler, became the idol of the medical profession internationally.

AEmilius Irving became Treasurer of the Law Society of Upper Canada in 1893 at the age of seventy. He served as Treasurer for twenty years, the longest-serving treasurer in Law Society history. He became Sir AEmilius Irving, Knight Bachelor, during the reign of King Edward VII in 1906.

Source: The Hamilton Law Association would like to acknowledge the kind efforts and assistance provided by Mr. John D. Ayre, Crown Attorney.

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