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The Association’s affairs are governed by trustees and officers who ensure that Association undertakings are within the mandate and in the best interests of our legal community. The many valued volunteers who are members of the numerous committees within the structure of the HLA strive to represent our membership consistently and effectively. The Anthony Pepe Memorial Law Library, operated within the scope of the HLA, is one of the largest law libraries in Ontario and houses over 30,000 volumes.

The Hamilton Law Association continues to strive to educate and support its membership in the practice of law as well as to advocate for their interests as lawyers...

The staff of the Hamilton Law Association (HLA) Library cannot provide legal advice or research to members of the public directly. The HLA Library is a private library for the use of its members, and members of the Law Society of Ontario only. For information on finding legal help in Ontario please try the Bora Laskin Law Library's Guide to Finding Legal Help in Ontario, or to search for a lawyer practising in the Hamilton area try the HLA Find a Lawyer page.

This Web site is not intended to provide legal advice. It is intended to supply general information to our members. The information contained and distributed on this site does not contain any legal opinions and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Hamilton Law Association.

The Hamilton Law Association supports and stands with Hamilton lawyers and paralegals in the call to end all forms of systemic racism and racial discrimination.

HLA News

Notices to the Profession & COVID-19

HLA Statement on Library Funding

On October 15th, Treasurer Donnelly attended our Board of Trustees meeting. Treasurer Donnelly has shown herself to be a supporter of courthouse libraries and law associations in Ontario, believing in their importance to the profession and the public of Ontario. Treasurer Donnelly’s attendance was greatly appreciated by our Board, and we would like to thank her for attending.

At Convocation that took place on October 28th, 2021, The Law Society of Ontario approved the Legal Information and Resource Network 2022 budget as submitted by the LiRN Board. The approved budget reinstated The Hamilton Law Association grant at the 2020 grant amount, plus an additional five percent increase. This is wonderful news for the HLA that will have a significant, positive impact on our staffing and collection for the 2022 year.

We would like to thank Treasurer Teresa Donnelly and Convocation for reinstating our grant and the appreciated increase, which will enable us to better serve the lawyers of Hamilton. Additionally, we would also like to thank our Regional Bencher, Andrew Spurgeon, who spoke eloquently and in-favor of reinstating the LiRN funding.

We look forward to maintaining our high level of service and support to our membership and the Hamilton law community at large.

Message from the President

I hope you are enjoying the summer.  Things at the Association have slowed somewhat with the summer holiday season upon us but it looks like the fall will be full tilt once again.  How full tilt manifests itself is yet to be determined. With the pandemic issues continuing to swirl around us all, some hybrid form of the delivery of services by the Association to the public will happen.  Our dedicated staff has adapted in ways they likely never thought they would, and my appreciation for them and their dedication to the legal profession of Hamilton is remarkable.
Before the summer hiatus, the Association had a number of virtual  and in person events.  We have been testing the waters with in person events as much as possible because we all thirst for the personal interaction that the last two years has deprived us of.  Our sojourn into hybrid CPD events 
has surprised us in terms of how they have been received and how the members have participated as we continue to navigate the new world we learn each time an event is put on.  Please bear with us while we iron out the kinks...


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