The 20th Annual Advocacy Conference 

Tuesday, April 27, 2021   

9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 

Available Via Webcast

Planning Committee: Joseph Sullivan, Sullivan Mediations & Allen Wynperle, Wynperle Law, Personal Injury Lawyers

For registration, please download the form here and send to

Updates From the Bench + Q&A

Regional Senior Justice Paul R. Sweeny, Superior Court of Justice

Top Tort & AB Cases  

Bruce Cook, Patricia Santucci Personal Injury Law (Plaintiff) & Kevin Griffiths, Evans, Philp LLP (Defence)

Experiences from a Zoom Superior Court Trial

Laura Hillyer, Martin & Hillyer Associates & James PageMartin & Hillyer Associates 

 Virtual Medical & Psychological Assessments on Zoom

Dr.  Brian Levitt, Kaplan & Levitt PsychologistsDr. Andrew Gomez–Vargas, Henderson General Hospital Division of Neurology

  •  Process of virtual assessments
  •  Can a virtual diagnosis be made
  • Can treatment be prescribed

 Efficacy Value of the Virtual Assessment Panel

Panelists: Ted Key, Agro Zaffiro LLP (Defence), Brent McQuestion, The Morris Law Group (Plaintiff) & Dr.  Brian Levitt, Kaplan & Levitt Psychologists and Dr. Andrew Gomez–Vargas, Henderson General Hospital Division of Neurology

The Intersection of Criminal Law and Civil Litigation Practice

Michael O'Brien, Sullivan, Sullivan Festeryga LLP 

  • Production of the Crown police file
  • Pleas guilty of admissions in civil trials
  • Does the criminal verdict bind a civil case

Managing Communications Through Technology With The Courts

Laura Dickson, Lamont Law

  •  Best Practices, Motions, CaseLines and Pretrials

Practice Management in a Remote World 

Mary Grosso, Grosso Hooper Law

LSO Contingency Fee Agreement Requirements (LawPRO Topic)

Andrew Spurgeon, Ross & McBride LLP, Regional Bencher & Chair of the Board of Directors, LawPRO

Employment Law Fundamentals 

Richard Douglas Simmons, Ross & McBride LLP

Economic Fallout From COVID-19

Marvin Ryder, Associate Professor, DeGroote School of Business

  • Where is the Canadian economy today? 
  • How do the Federal and Provincial Governments repay the debts caused by COVID-19 support? 
  • What are the long-term effects of COVID-19 on businesses? 


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