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The HLA Endorses Andrew Spurgeon for LSO Bencher

Mar 13, 2019
Andrew Spurgeon

It has been a tremendous honour to represent Central South as the Regional Bencher at the Law Society over the last four years. In that time I have met and worked with some remarkable people and been involved in some challenging, thought-provoking and inspiring debates, discussions and projects.

I wish to continue in this work and consequently ask you for your support and most importantly your vote in the Bencher Election set to go from April 15 to 30.

The mandate of the Law Society is to advance the rule of law, promote access to justice and regulate the profession in the public interest. The people who undertook this task four years ago – my fellow Benchers – have not all agreed on every issue.  We have had difficult debates and collectively have made hard choices which have not always been easy nor popular in all quarters. 

In dealing with those challenges my Central South colleagues, Janis Criger, David Howell and Ross Earnshaw, have earned my deepest admiration and respect for their thoughtfulness, commitment and hard work.

I am saddened that Ross and David have chosen not to seek re-election; yet I am pleased with the prospect that Janis and I might continue together as Hamilton’s voice at Convocation.  

I stand for re-election because I wish to continue contributing to our profession; to make it better for both its members and the public.  To this end, I will continue working at Convocation for:

  • Contingency Fee Agreements (CFA) – As a member and Chair of the Fee Arrangements Working Group I have advanced the development of a standard form CFA (without caps) which will protect the public and lawyers by simplifying and clarifying the relationship between them.


  • No Expansion in Scope of Independent Paralegal Practice – Family law requires highly qualified practitioners. Paralegals should not be allowed to act on family law matters in any way unless they are employed by and under the supervision of a lawyer.


  • Well-funded County Libraries and Law Associations – The most effective support for sole and small firms often comes from their local county law association.Associations like the HLA all make us better lawyers.The Law Society’s funding for them should be increased.


  • Inclusiveness and Diversity – Advancing and promoting inclusiveness is crucial to what we do.Indeed our stock-in-trade as lawyers is the management of human relationships and it is essential that among us as a group, we strive to achieve what is our own law association’s mission: “to enable its members to be accepted, respected and fulfilled in their profession.

Janis and I support and endorse each other.  Together we have the support and endorsement of several Toronto Bencher candidates who we support and endorse.  They are helping us in our efforts at re-election and we ask that you consider casting your vote for them too.  They are:

  • John Callahan
  • Rebecca Durcan
  • Atrisha Lewis
  • Isfahan Merali
  • Barb Murchie
  • Sid Troister
  • Tanya Walker

I thank you for the support you gave me when you elected me four years ago.  I hope you will see fit to cast your vote for me again in this election.  If you wish to know more about where I stand on the issues please visit my website at www.spurgeonforbencher.com

Andrew Spurgeon